Doctor Arthritis is a British medical company which aims to provide people suffering from arthritis with professional products which help alleviate the pain. The Doctor Arthritis copper compression gloves and copper compression sleeves have been developed by the two doctors and a team of experts to relief and reduce joint or muscular pain in body areas such as the hand, knee, calf, elbow and more. Visit Doctor Arthritis’ website and find the best copper infused compression sleeve or glove to match your needs and help you have a better lifestyle.

Health Inf is a UK directory for websites practicing in the health field. From arthritis to disabilities, from a flew remedies to alternative medicine, you can enlist your website on HealthInf and be present on a web corner dedicated to health and care.

Offers information and news for freelance stylists, featuring an online magazine and the ability to post classified adverts.

International service based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Offering telephone support to land, sea and air operations requiring instant advice.

A surgeon with expertise in laparoscopic surgery. Features an online patient guide to surgery and professional information.

Premier Laser and Skin Care Clinic in Manchester offering the very best, non-surgical treatments is your medical UK web directory that you’ve been waiting for. There are countless British directories and even some focused on the medical sector but none of those manages to get to the level that BritishMed reached with this medical British web directory. The best of the best from Dentists to Spa’s and Laser Hair Removal services are listed inside the medical categories and choosing one of them for your needs will be a certain success.

Medspa London is a modern beauty clinic providing both men and women with the latest technology when it comes to hair removal, the Soprano Ice Laser treatment. This procedure, using Soprano Ice has been proven to be the most efficient method of removing hair. And another great feature, the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment at Medspa is suitable for all skin types and all hair types.
Book a visit to Medspa now and transform your skin into soft and healthy with Medspa’s Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment. This modern and pain free procedure helps both men and women get rid of undesired body hair. Located in Notting Hill London, Medspa is one of the few British beauty clinics to provide the laser hair removal treatment using the Soprano Ice Technology.
Medspa is one of the few London beauty clinics providing you with the comfortable and most efficient hair removal treatment, the Soprano Ice Laser. Located at 55-57 Notting Hill, Medspa is mostly appreciated for their professional Soprano Ice machine and the specialist who helps customers obtain a smooth skin through a relaxing procedure, the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment.

If you are looking for a safe and efficient treatment to remove undesired body hair Medspa is your solution. Located in Notting Hill, London, Medspa is one of the few beauty clinics in the city to provide the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment. The procedure is almost pain free and it works on any skin type and hair type. Book a visit at Medspa and get 50% discount for the Laser Hair removal treatment using Soprano Ice. 

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